Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Buy one get one freeeeee, yep, FREE

Illustrated earrings are buy one get one free in the ol Folksy & Etsy shops until Sunday 30th May. Grab the little chaps while they're still there, as there'll be some lovely new things replacing them! Just purchase one pair & let me know which other pair you would like. They could be the same, or different, a little present for yourself, or for someone else :)

Get them before they're all GONEEE


Saturday, 8 May 2010

Meet little Phoebe, she's the black & tan daschund puppy. My mum picked her up today, I'll get to meet her tomorrow. It's making me want a little red one to go with my little LuLu. Not sure Pickles would be impressed though.

Saturday, 1 May 2010


It's my birthday this bank hol monday. So I'll be busy eating cake, having bbqs, spending time with lots of lovely people & generally having a rather lovely time. It's edwina.simone's first birthday too in a couple of weeks, since things changed somewhat.
So stay tuned for some birthday offers & special things happening over the next couple of weeks!

It would make my day is pickles wore a little tee like this.

PS check out kitty n dog blog for some cute new posts.

Have a good bank hol weekend, lets hope it's sunny!