Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Sketchbooks, flipflips & sausage dogs

So, the pierced silver necklace that I talked about here is finally done. You can't see quite how shimmery the finish its, really, it's a brushed effect, but it really reflects the light, unlike the brushed matte effect I was going to do.

I will be introducing this style of jewellery into the shop over the next few month & am already working on a bangle using a similar design. I've included some images from the sketchook for the project, before it goes off to be marked at the end of the course.

Here are a few pics from over the weekend:

We had quite a bit of hot weather, this little lady doesn't fare well when it's slightly warmer than freezing. She's really not that fat.... & she's cute too... just photographs badly!

I worked quite hard over the weekend & the sunny weather also persuaded me to buy a few summery bits for my wardrobe too... only from the best boutique in town, mind. Haha.

The salmony coloured flipflops are a lovely coraly/peach shade & were only £3. I know, splashing out. But they don't really last very long anyway, wherever you get them from.

Look at all my dremel attachments & my overflowing toolbox, bet your jealous aren't you?!

In other news, my parents are going to go & look at some little daschund puppies this weekend. They spent so long looking after mine while I wasn't able to have her, that they now want their own. (check out the puppies in the box to the left!) These little ladies aren't as pretty as my little LuLu, but I think they just don't photograph well. Perhaps it's a sausage dog trait!

& one of Pickles looking furry & smug. Don't you just wanna chub her cheeks.

Oh & by the way, you should definately check out kitty n dog blog.


  1. That necklace is gorgeous! And your doggy is so so sooo cute ♥ xoxo

  2. Ermm... your pets are overflowing to your real blog! We need to see those Daschund on kittyndog!

  3. yup! looks fantastic! And I think they still all look cute (The dogs) I'd love one!

  4. Necklace is gorgeous good work, sketchbook looks like you are having a fab time on the course, looking forward to seeing what comes next! Dremel attachments i do love them so.

  5. Love the necklace - it's almost as lovely as my teapot!

    I nominated you for the Circle of Friends blog award. Grab the button and instructions here:


    Nerys x