Monday, 5 April 2010

I thought I'd write a little something on nails, since they're my new fascination. Hey, I know I'm not 12, I'm a little late with this, I know. Unfortunately I have exactly the same hands as my dad, but smaller, obviously. Cute he says, BUT not really too girly. Mix that with them constantly being used as creative tools & not aesthetic beauties for the last, I dunno, 10 years & that's not really a happy mix. I had a phase about 3 years ago after I had acrylic extensions that I had my own, real nails for a while... but just always nibbled them off. Bitten nails aren't a good look, I know that & my dad always asked what I had to be nervous about. Nothing...I just like biting them.

So. About 3 months ago I decided to let my scruffy babies grow. I'm forever hiding my hands, i have a million amazing rings & always felt my hands were to horrible to show them off. (I'm *blessed* with rather chubby sausage-esque fingers too & generally just small hands) I just kind of stopped biting them really, as they were pretty short, when they were allowed to grow, it happened pretty quickly. When you see an immediate difference, it's easier to keep going (or not going, in this case) Think after the first week of a diet, enthused when you start noticing that slightly smaller muffin top... or even better someone else does, as opposed to the "I'll start the diet tomorrow" (I may write a little something on this too at some point!)

I'll have tiny nails, I'm ok with that, it's a strange sensation to walk around with a nail file in my bag, I may even turn into a propper girl.

This is one of the varnishes I got a while back & they are super dooper indeed. I find that the more the varnish peels & chips, the more I want to nibble & peel it off, so that;s my tip for keeping your nails looking too good to chomp on. INVEST IN A GOOD NAILVARNISH.

Now this colour is way brighter than it looks in the bottle. In daylight it resembles a neon highlighter colour that was rather in fashion last summer. But hey, it's nearly summer, so it's slightly more acceptable at the minute. (If I have anywhere important to go, I'm sure I'd take it off though)

Essie - eternal optimist

I love this colour & used it when my nails were super short, I've had it for a while in the hope of my nails growing sometime. Good for sensible occassions when bright red just won't do!
Essie - tart deco (new for spring 2010)
I ordered this colour tonight on ebay. YES I know it looks very much like the above two. But in fact they're all really different, this is more of a coral/peachy shade, rather than the first, highlighter pink shade. Hmm.

Essie - mink muffs
I love the name... & the shade. I ordered this tonight too. I'll let you know how I get on.

I have bought SO many products over the years & been disappointed almost as much. Recently I've found a few products that I'm really impressed with. There's nothing more annoying than spending money on something that promises you the world & leaves you unhappy. It's wasteful & often leaves you with a drawer full of foundations that make you look orange. I've got a few products I have in mind, so watch this space, if you're interested!

I'll leave you with some amazing nails...



I saw loads of these nails & bits & bobs to do your own when I was in Tokyo a couple of years ago, I love them! Possibly not practical though. But cute.

Love these Wah nails too, matte effect & contrasting gloss is a winner.

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  1. yay for Essie. I love that mink one. I can't decide which one to get next and i also want the mattifier!