Friday, 2 April 2010

cut. out.

This week has been a busy week of making cushions, designing new prints, spending time with friends & as of this weekend, spending time with family too.

I have also been perfecting my silver piercing pieces. I love working in aluminium, it's light, easy to cut & modern. On Tuesday, however I started to cut out the design below, but in 0.8cm silver. It was tough going. It's hardwearing but looks delicate, I love it. The finish I have planned for it is a brushed finish, but quite shiny, I always thought I likes matte best, it's very textured though. It's for a metalwork course I'm doing, but this style jewellery will definately make it into the shops.

I have been looking at the amazing Rob Ryan's paper cuts for inspiration... these are super delicate & I would love to have the patience to create something this beautiful.

Also the work of Tord Boontje. I first came across this chap in about, I don't know about 3 or so years ago in Habitat where they sold his beautiful lights (see below) They came flat packed & you basically wrapped them around your light bulb, creating the shade, such a lovely idea. Love how delicate & intricate it is.

Love these necklaces too

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