Thursday, 8 April 2010

Cups & saucers & plates

Today has been such a warm day, I can't believe it!! Yesterday I wore a denim jacket to the post office, today I wore a sleeveless dress & have a slightly pink shoulder from working in the sun! Here are a few designs I have been working on for & while & today I finally drew them out, I think I quite like them a lot!

The first is a little weather inspired teacup & saucer. The saucer has a cloud, cute little rainbow & tree. The cup has rainy clouds a big shiny sun. This is a one off (at the minute) I'm not sure if I'm going to make anymore.

The second are some face plates. They make me laugh, they will come in sets of 2, the small ones measure 20cm across, so side plate side, or sandwich size & the larger ones 24cm across, so dinner late size.
While drawing these I thought of an excellent wedding present I could make for one of my friends, whose getting married this year, custom 'his & hers' dinner plates, genius! Which lead me onto thinking I could offer a custom plate illustration, fancy having you or your loved ones face on a plate? I'd try not to offend anyone...


  1. So good! I love the face plates. Especially the stubble on the first one. Fab present for newly weds in fact I want a set for me and the hubby-to-be!

  2. Oh!!! So so cute!
    Love the teacup and saucer...I actually don't own a set and it's making me want one :)