Thursday, 29 April 2010

Bangle dangle

You may remember, a little while ago I wrote this post about a couple of resin bangles I made. Well, they're still not finished, having taken a back seat for the mo. But I wish they would end up looking like this beauty from Triian. The Deep Sea Bangle is made from a blend of textured resin pirces, is hand sanded & shaped & then Swarovski crystals are added. Each one is unique as they are made by hand & from scraps of previous bracelets. I'm a sucker for plastic, well crafted jewellery. I love diamonds as much as the next girl, but I believe an item of jewellery can be special, valuable & precious without being silver or gold.

I also like this . Quite a lot.

And this too.
Together. Too much? Noo

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