Thursday, 29 April 2010

Bangle dangle

You may remember, a little while ago I wrote this post about a couple of resin bangles I made. Well, they're still not finished, having taken a back seat for the mo. But I wish they would end up looking like this beauty from Triian. The Deep Sea Bangle is made from a blend of textured resin pirces, is hand sanded & shaped & then Swarovski crystals are added. Each one is unique as they are made by hand & from scraps of previous bracelets. I'm a sucker for plastic, well crafted jewellery. I love diamonds as much as the next girl, but I believe an item of jewellery can be special, valuable & precious without being silver or gold.

I also like this . Quite a lot.

And this too.
Together. Too much? Noo

Tuesday, 27 April 2010


Available to buy on Not on the Highstreet. Been working on some new egg cups today featuring the same kind of Aztec/geometric design.

Fascinator fascination

This ALMOST looks like a wedding post... wow... who knew?!

There are so many beautiful fascinators around at the moment, especially with the wedding season. They range from the delicate & soft to the huge & crazy. Team them with curly, beachy hair & you're set for a long summer's day. (I usually hate my curly hair, but in the summer, when as soon as you've straightened it, it's all a frizz again, there's no option but to give in to the wave. Invest in a good salt spray... I've used pretty much every curl product throughout the years and Label M Salt Spray made by Toni & Guy is a pretty good option. Failing that, fill an empty refillable spray bottle with water, add a generous helping of sea salt & there you have yourself some home made salt spray. Just ruffle it up a bit, or use a hairdryer for a couple of mins for a curlsome boost.

Here are a few of my favourites:

I love the grey with the bright yellow these bridesmaids are wearing.


I've wanted to make my own for a long time, the ones on the highstreet are just a bit too bridesmaid, or a little but to, well, who wore a hat made of fruit & bananas & flowers? Oh yeah I remember...

I had no idea there were so many millinery supplies available, even the veiling & sinamay bases. In such a variety of colours too.

I ended up buying supplies from ebay. I spent about £10 inc. postage & am going to use a few bits I already have, hairband, pearls etc etc. The colour scheme I'm going for is this amazing coraly/orange, grey & white & pale green. I may even do a little How To on how I made mine... if it turns out ok :)

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Things that make me smile...

I don't think I own anything white. At all. But I love these. I had a pair of cherry red ones of these when I was abot 12/13. I was so cool then. I'd love a pair of these now... why do I always like boots in summer & strappy dresses in winter?

kitty n dog blog

You probably already know this, BUT, Laura of SheDraws & I have started ourselves as top pet blogger/reporter/writer types. You'll find all the hot pet news over at There'll be reviews, recipies, cute & furry features. We blog a couple of times a week & also feature readers pets in Furry Friends Friday.

If you'd like to be featured, you could always drop us a line at

PS the above blog banner is grabbable, if you care to pop it onto your own blog ;)

Double Whammy

Well, well, a few days ago I was given a couple of blog awards, so here they are...

The first by the lovely Kateepie. The task is to tell 7 things about me that I haven't told before... you'll just have to be ok with things I don't think any of you know.

Here are the rules...
1.Copy the award to your blog 2.Insert a link to the person who nominated you 3.Tell seven things about yourself that you haven’t told before 4.Nominate seven other bloggers for the award 5.Link to their blogs 6.Tell the nominees about their award

Ok so here goes:

1. When I was 16 I gained a black belt in Karate, I started when I was about 7 or something. I reached 17 & pretty much never did it again, was pretty demanding & at that age I just wanted to then go out with my friends & have weekends back. And no you cannot fight me, and I won't karate chop you. So don't ask. Ok? I'm really unfit now & haven't done any exercise since then. Does swimming count? On holiday. Once?

2. I don't own a brush. People get a bit freaked out by this & look at me a bit weird, like I'm grubby or something. I have curly hair, if I brush it, it frizzes. I straighten my hair most days, with this, I find I don't need to brush it, only straighten it again the next day. When I have my hair curly, I'm pretty lucky, as it's kind of beachy & wavy now, as opposed to full o frizz like when I was younger.

3. I'm 5ft 10 but only have size 5/6 feet. Yes I know this is weird. And no, I don't have very good balance.

4. I only passed my driving test about 18 months ago. And I'm 26 in a couple of weeks. I just never needed to drive... I wasn't useless or anything.

5. I'm an only child. My mum is an only child, so is my dad. I don't want children, I never have. I had soft toys in my buggies as a child. I tried to like dolls, but didn't. I liked barbies though.

6. I lost 3 stone last year. & I didn't realize I was all *that* chubby. Looking back, yes I was. But then Ive always been a tad. And still am. Must work on that.

7. I secretly want to be a hairdresser. It'd just be cool. I wouldn't talk about holidays. Or rubbish.


The second is from Nerys at Crafty Jemima. I need to share with you 5 things that I love & then pass it on.

So here goes:

1. Cheese. I could eat it all day (& night) & get rather fat.

2. My little cat & dog family. They make me super happy & give the best hugs. & the boy (of course)

3. Straighteners. Quite frankly I think I'd be a frizzy sobbing mess if these weren't in my life. (That or I'd need to find a good frizz serum)

4. Curry sauce & chips. My (not really guilty) pleasure.

5. Having picnics in the sun. It's going to be a good summer, I can't wait.

All my things are food or material things, wow.

Ok so the lovely people I'm nominating for both (because I'm nice like that) areee...

Hayley at Ruby Wren Designs
Laura at SheDraws
Helen at Storeyhshop
Sar at GlitterySah
Anna at Anrk Designs
Sami at Teasemade
Jennie at Sailor Jennie

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Sketchbooks, flipflips & sausage dogs

So, the pierced silver necklace that I talked about here is finally done. You can't see quite how shimmery the finish its, really, it's a brushed effect, but it really reflects the light, unlike the brushed matte effect I was going to do.

I will be introducing this style of jewellery into the shop over the next few month & am already working on a bangle using a similar design. I've included some images from the sketchook for the project, before it goes off to be marked at the end of the course.

Here are a few pics from over the weekend:

We had quite a bit of hot weather, this little lady doesn't fare well when it's slightly warmer than freezing. She's really not that fat.... & she's cute too... just photographs badly!

I worked quite hard over the weekend & the sunny weather also persuaded me to buy a few summery bits for my wardrobe too... only from the best boutique in town, mind. Haha.

The salmony coloured flipflops are a lovely coraly/peach shade & were only £3. I know, splashing out. But they don't really last very long anyway, wherever you get them from.

Look at all my dremel attachments & my overflowing toolbox, bet your jealous aren't you?!

In other news, my parents are going to go & look at some little daschund puppies this weekend. They spent so long looking after mine while I wasn't able to have her, that they now want their own. (check out the puppies in the box to the left!) These little ladies aren't as pretty as my little LuLu, but I think they just don't photograph well. Perhaps it's a sausage dog trait!

& one of Pickles looking furry & smug. Don't you just wanna chub her cheeks.

Oh & by the way, you should definately check out kitty n dog blog.

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Just a quick update

Had a really nice evening with lovely food & company, just before I go to bed, the teacup & saucer are now available in the shop. The Blonde Girl Plate is now available in the folksy shop, as is a custom set of 2 20cm x 20cm plates & set of 2 24cm x 24cm plates.

I think I might make myself some.

Cups & saucers & plates

Today has been such a warm day, I can't believe it!! Yesterday I wore a denim jacket to the post office, today I wore a sleeveless dress & have a slightly pink shoulder from working in the sun! Here are a few designs I have been working on for & while & today I finally drew them out, I think I quite like them a lot!

The first is a little weather inspired teacup & saucer. The saucer has a cloud, cute little rainbow & tree. The cup has rainy clouds a big shiny sun. This is a one off (at the minute) I'm not sure if I'm going to make anymore.

The second are some face plates. They make me laugh, they will come in sets of 2, the small ones measure 20cm across, so side plate side, or sandwich size & the larger ones 24cm across, so dinner late size.
While drawing these I thought of an excellent wedding present I could make for one of my friends, whose getting married this year, custom 'his & hers' dinner plates, genius! Which lead me onto thinking I could offer a custom plate illustration, fancy having you or your loved ones face on a plate? I'd try not to offend anyone...