Friday, 26 March 2010

Lino cuts

I love hand printed things.

Don't get me wrong, I love a stack of smooth, matte paper just fresh back from the printers, all perfect & ink smelling, but there's just something special about something that's hand printed & not *quite perfect*

I've had a stack of soft cut carving blocks & lino cutting tools, for about, I don't know, over a year at least. I haven't done any for about 7 years or something it must be. (I don't count the attempt I had when I first got the blocks & tried to cut out something round, had a paddy & threw them to the back of the draw!) I;ve been practicing carving & printing for ages now, I think I've got the shapes & kind of things that work now. Delicate, kind of, not too fussy... but not to plain either.

So here goes...

The weird umbrella shape thing is meant to be a mushroom... doesn't work so well. The little leaf... I love.

Lovely on fabric.


  1. My comment I left t'other night didn't work! I don't think I've got the hang of the ol' web on phone malarky. These are fab! I love them all including mushroom. I might try lino. Foam was fine for a few invitations but wouldn't last long I don't think :)

  2. They do look good. I love block printing.

    What kind of lino stuff have your used as it looks white and i've not see that before, just hard brown stuff!

  3. Fanks Helen :)

    Laura, they're these babies:

  4. These look so good!

    I remember having to do this at college once and I ended up cutting my finger really badly instead of the lino. I'm too clumsy to make pretty things like this hehe xoxo