Wednesday, 17 February 2010


So here they are, the first of our limited edition cushions. They're 30cm x 30cm are printed with either penguin or birdy fabric on cotton on the front & a thicker unbleached cotton on the back. A duck feather cushion is included & the cover is washable, it secures with an envelope closing at the back. I want to keep them all myself!! If you fancy one of these chaps, you can get them from the shop & on NOTHS too.

I'm trying to work out which ones I like the best... think it may be the little birdy one... just!

You can see the curtains I made from ikea fabric a while ago too in these pics. The fabric is really thick, almost canvas & is 1 1/2 metres wide, so makes excellent curtain material. They're not lined or anything... they let the light in a little in the morning, but they're in the lounge, so it's no biggie.

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