Thursday, 25 February 2010

Creative Boom

We're featured by the lovely people at Creative Boom: Reading this week, it's always nice to read a little something about yourself!

We'll also be appearing in a well known magazine in a couple of months too!

Tuesday, 23 February 2010


It's really nice to have weekends back after having a job for ages you're not only working the weekend, you're there to make sure other people are having a good time while on THEIR weekend off. Don't get me wrong, I never want to be the kind of person that *wishes* for friday, but at the minute it's just nice to have the same time off as everyone else... to do not a lot on sunday if that's what I want to do. Have a late breakfast & perhaps a wander round the shops, lots of tea & then Come Dine With Me & a roast.

This weekend we went off to a lovely country hotel for the night, we had cream teas & lots more teas & a little swim, float around in the jacuzzi & got frizzed up in the steam room (my hair, that is) had some really good food too. If you're looking for somewhere a bit different to stay Hand Picked Hotels are really good, usually can get dinner & brekkie & maybe some canapes thrown in too :)

Teapot & tea in a compartment in the wardrobe, now that's my idea of a wardrobe. They never give you enough milk though. Why IS that.

Massive room, so nice to walk around while you're getting ready, rather that having to dodge the wall/chest of drawers/wardrobe/cat/dog/both.

Really nice thick curtains.

This is what the rest of the hotel looked like too, a bit like a castle... this is the health spa, actually bigger than it looks!

Wednesday, 17 February 2010


So here they are, the first of our limited edition cushions. They're 30cm x 30cm are printed with either penguin or birdy fabric on cotton on the front & a thicker unbleached cotton on the back. A duck feather cushion is included & the cover is washable, it secures with an envelope closing at the back. I want to keep them all myself!! If you fancy one of these chaps, you can get them from the shop & on NOTHS too.

I'm trying to work out which ones I like the best... think it may be the little birdy one... just!

You can see the curtains I made from ikea fabric a while ago too in these pics. The fabric is really thick, almost canvas & is 1 1/2 metres wide, so makes excellent curtain material. They're not lined or anything... they let the light in a little in the morning, but they're in the lounge, so it's no biggie.

pppppp pick up a penguin..

..yummy. Just don't try to eat these ones!

These little chaps are made using the fabric I had printed a little while ago. So cute, you can get them in our folksy shop & our shop too.

Northampton College Fun Day

my mum's helping to arrange the crafty bit of the Northampton College Fun Day, so please get in contact if you're interested! (Last year it did rain for about 2 weeks when it was on though... but we've been promised a super scorching summer this year, yay!)

I'll be there, yep, definately.

Craft Fair in Daventry, Northants
On Saturday 12th June 2010
At the Daventry Campus of Northampton College
Badby Road West, Daventry, Northants NN11 4HJ
10.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m.
Craft stalls free!

Following the success of previous years’ events, The Daventry Learning Partnership has come together again to promote another Community Fun Day. This event raises the awareness of education in Daventry and surrounding areas. It provides an opportunity for organisations, artists, crafters and entertainers to promote themselves and we only ask you to give a donation to our nominated charities:

1. Pete Spencer ‘Helping Hands’ – a local charity making dreams come true for serious/terminally ill children.
2. The Warwickshire & Northamptonshire Air Ambulance – whose service covers in excess of 3m people and motorists.

Among the many attractions there will be:
Traditional fun fair
Live music
Pet’s corner.
Craft Fair

To apply for a stall please email me and I will send out an application form and further details. or Phone: 01624 736334
(Northampton College Daventry Print Room)


Monday, 15 February 2010

teeny weeny red earrings

It's very exciting...some of our teeny red fused glass earrings are being put into The White Box Company's sample boxes at Pierre Garroudi's Show at London Fashion Show this week! The White Box Company create little boxes with yummy goodies in; they can range from jewellery to sweets, to vouchers for manicures to magazines... I'd quite like to have a little box of goodies myself!

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

wednesdays are ok.

A set of 2 plates with a new for 2010 design are in our NOTHS shop today! I like them a lot :)


love is sharing a patch of sun



Sunday, 7 February 2010

create your own.... chicken, car, pig

create your own... anything you want really, with this kit.

Contains all you need for many small projects.

This little pack of goodies includes:
needle & thread
brooch pin blank
ring blank
felt shapes
faux leather
seed beads
chequered fabric
leopard print felt
flowery felt
mini brads
stick on velcro

Also included is an ideas leaflet, you could make a ring, a car, a turtle, a flower brooch, a train, a worm... anything!

Largest piece of fabric measures approx 16cm x16cm, includes some good sized fabric/felt pieces, you can easily get a few projects out of this kit.

Thursday, 4 February 2010


Today has been a day of researching, sourcing materials, sums and lists. It's not all bad though, as I've had mu trusty calculator friend, deff makes scary maths slightly more cute.

In my metalwork course, we've also done a bit on glass, plastics & porcelain too. Here are some buttons, now I like them just plain porcelain, but also with a slight touch of colour, I added a bit of colour this afternoon & like the yellow best, so spring like.

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

hello tuesday

Hello February. How are you here so soon?