Monday, 11 January 2010

things that make me smile...

my little alessi monkey salt & pepper chaps that I got for christmas. I love these little guys, so cute.

They sit on our tv cabinet with my pepe & friends guys. I can safely say none of these little beauties will ever be used!

Our massively snow covered washing line, amazing how snow sticks to the thinnest of things. We have had SO much snow.

Little dog & cat foot prints. When you have a cat with very long legs & a dog with unusually short legs, its easy to spot the cat's footprints & the dog's foot/belly prints!

My little cat & dog family.
This little blank face.
The shape of this cat. Always. Plus she always steals the dog's bed.

Reading anything by Mo Hayder. Not that dark/thriller books make me smile, oh nonono, it's just nice to spend some time reading, just reading with tea. Not feeling guilty about what needs to be done.

What kinda things make you smile?

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