Monday, 4 January 2010

fresh new year

This was going to be a post about new years resolutions, diets, changes, yoga, no sugar, carbs, bring extremely saint like etc etc. Basically not eating anything that I like/doing anything I know I shouldn't.

I do find it slightly weird when come January, you're expected to forget the whole cheesecake you ate in one go, 3 mince pies you had one after the other & be more thin, toned & healthy than before.

You're meant to ignore all those piles of cakes, biscuits, cheese etc etc you went to 3 different supermarkets to wrestle to get. I like to use the term "use up" all the naughty food before starting fresh. (yeah I know if I didn't eat it all in the first place the new year healthy eating wouldn't be so bad, or so needed!)

There are loads of things set to change in 2010, things have been really busy towards the end of last year with unexpected things taking up lots of time, there are lots of new things working their way over to the shops shortly, more designs, more little birdys, more home stuff & accessories, it's very exciting!

Ok, so resolutions, I don't think I've ever kept one in my life before ever. Usually its, sort my life out, spend my time being more creative, read, see friends & family more, don't procrastinate, make the most of my time, lose weight, be healthy, spend less, exercise more, get a better job, be generally happy, more excellent individual, you know how it is.

Last year however, I set myself only one & managed to get a good way to being a lot more healthy & lost quite a bit of weight... I guess. So for this year I just need to exercise really, not really gone any in about 10 years... yes I know that's bad! i do remember the gym a few years ago, but that was followed by the pub afterwards, doesn't really count!

I would also like to use my time a little bit more usefully. And to feel a little bit more fulfilled... do people ever feel content with their job & what they do?

And I guess all that other stuff too, but small steps!

Also, I've bought this little cute shade of blue twine on the end for some revamped packaging & also some recycled manilla gift boxes, they'll be like little bundled up packages, lovely!

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  1. oooo very nice twine, divine indeed. All the best for the new year!