Wednesday, 11 November 2009

things that make me smile...

this cute foxy scarf from lazy oaf. i love lazy oaf, they have absolutely everything, something one day I would like to do. I can never stick to one thing you see, one day I want to be sewing, the next jewellery making, the next you can't get me away from my wacom.

This little chap is the perfect mixture of a fun, yet sophisticated illustration, I sometimes struggle with the idea of that for new items. I can actually draw "realistically" but prefer my style, but perhaps feel I should draw something a little more serious sometimes!


  1. Ooh, Lazy Oaf, how I love thee too. I found my fave brooch on last year's winter coat the other day - a smiley mushroom which is now adorning my new winter coat! Have you seen their pencil scarves? So cute :)

  2. i have, i love everything, i would never be able to choose though. maybe for the xmas list, hmmm