Friday, 13 November 2009

Me & Tea

Although I simply love tea, I must admit, I haven't tried all that many. Every brand of normal tea, yes, lots of herbal teas, yes, some chinese teas, yep. I can drink my good old assam everyday about 5 or more cups a day, I can often get to work at 6 & realize I haven't actually had anything else to drink. not good.

Having entered the lovely SheDraw's tea swap a bulging package landed on my doorstep this morning, The equally lovely Marnie from the Spotted Bikini duo has send me a MASSIVE host of exciting loose teas, such as chai mumbai etc etc. I don't know which to try first! They smell amazing, my kitchen now smells so woody & yummy. Also included was some choc, which *ahem* I ate with my *normal* tea with lunch, little cute stickers, a little mushroom & tiny little biccies too, ahh! I feel rather spoiled, I'll update you all with my new favourite tea once I've tried them all. OOhh how refined!

Thought I might include a pic of the little enamelled copper cloud I made in this weeks metalworking class. I've done loads before at college, but I'm brushing up on my skills slightly, I have always *loved* piercing & after a couple of mins, whizzed out this little cloud fellow. It's making me wish I had done something slightly more jewellery/silversmithing for my degree, but never mind.

When I did some at college, I don't know, about 7 or so years ago (phew) there were massive blow torches attached to the ceiling with a rubber tube, where the gas came from, they were massive, I often felt like I was putting out a fire or something!! I always felt a bit afraid of these, they were so noisy & large & I'm a bit clumsy... only in situations where I can't be though!! Now, I have this tiny little hand blowtorch, so cute, so small, so easy & not scary. So that makes me happy. I also break a lot less piercing saw blades than when I did it before, less frustrated, also happy about that. And soldering, no more snipping off some solder & mixing the flux, blobbing on in the hope it will look neat (& stick!) There is now solder in syringes! Squidge it out in the right place & wa la! Very happy about that.

So I may be asking for a tiny little enamelling kiln for xmas then. I have an idea for a whole host of little cloud chaps with rain, shine, rainbows etc as brooches etc etc.


Also, I thought I'd give you a little sneaky peek at my fused glass earrings in action. Don't worry, these will be my pair, they're meant to cool slowly, rather than the kiln just being popped open. I love how they glow.

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