Thursday, 22 October 2009

It's been a little while again, but I've been moving, nearly sorted now, all the things in my new little studio space just need to be sorted out & then there will be lots of new things popped into the shops again! It's a cute little end terrace with a big back garden & front one too, so there's loads of space for Lulu god & pickleskitten, who is not so much a kitten now but a cat! She's at home with my parents at the minute while we get sorted, terrorizing the dogs, I think my mum & dad's dog is actually in love with her!! She is definately the superior race!

In other news, I HAVE WON a blog giveaway, yay! it's so exciting!! Think the last thing i won was a colouring competition for a leisure centre when I was about 10 & got free swimming lessons!! I'm lucky enough to have won the very dashing Mr. Britain from the lovely SheDraws, check her shop out, it's super cute. I have promised to do a little diary of his new home with me, been a bit hard to get us doing anything but being surrounded by boxes, so you will see his travels within the next week or so, I promise!!

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