Thursday, 29 October 2009

robins & new cups

you can buy these little beauties here & on my website too shortly.
They're 5 assorted robin designs, keep an eye out for packs on one type & also some penguin ones!

Also, I ordered my new set of plates, cups & saucers from H is for Home they have lots of handmade & vintage things for the home, there's so much more I would love!

Monday, 26 October 2009

what i found... the little garage at the bottom of the garden at the house we've just moved into I found this amazing kitchen cabinet. The kitchen before it was redone by the owner was all like this! A little old lady used to live in the house last, so there are loads of old-ish looking things left! For example, by the fuse box (where is has been replaced) is a little hint into what the wallpaper used to be like, a floral, highly patterned, with leaves & bamboo(?) The house is old, but has character, but has been done up in all the important places! The upstairs floors seem to be slightly slopey & we put a shelf in the built in wardrobe... all the walls in it was wonky! If you're lucky, you may even get to see the old fashioned gas fire in the living room one day! I quite like the old textured wallpaper & all the weird old things here!

Here is the super pretty cabinet & the cobwebby, yucky garage, it may be knocked down, so I thought I'd take pictures of it while I could, I'll be quite sad when it's gone, I like it's dirt & charm. However, neither of us can get our cars in there, so at least we'll have somewhere to park our cars! I was going to clean it & pretty it up, but I'm not sure if it's possible, where I'd put it once it was fixed up, and more importantly, if it has woodworm or not!

I really like the peeling wallpaper & the lined shelves, part of me would like to keep it just as it is, but once the garage has gone, there's no point keeping it. Can anyone give it a good home?! If it doesn't have woodworm that is!

Saturday, 24 October 2009

I'm always interested to see behind the scenes of people's workspaces & processes, my little studio is still a work in progress, so here is a little look into things until we're fully back on track after the move...

plate & frame getting ready to be photographed. love the old biscuit barrel that I keep bits & bobs in now & my ancient mac. Haven't used it for years but I just like the way it looks... will pop it in the loft as it's a pretty, but takes up a lot of space.

Glueing new & vintage buttons from my massive collection for button rings. Made these a while ago & they tend to come out at fairs & sell really well, perhaps I should pop them into the shop?

Glass ready to be fused. love this process, I have stopped cutting myself every time I cut glass now, I have lots of lovely autumny coloured glass ready to be made into earrings.

Thursday, 22 October 2009

It's been a little while again, but I've been moving, nearly sorted now, all the things in my new little studio space just need to be sorted out & then there will be lots of new things popped into the shops again! It's a cute little end terrace with a big back garden & front one too, so there's loads of space for Lulu god & pickleskitten, who is not so much a kitten now but a cat! She's at home with my parents at the minute while we get sorted, terrorizing the dogs, I think my mum & dad's dog is actually in love with her!! She is definately the superior race!

In other news, I HAVE WON a blog giveaway, yay! it's so exciting!! Think the last thing i won was a colouring competition for a leisure centre when I was about 10 & got free swimming lessons!! I'm lucky enough to have won the very dashing Mr. Britain from the lovely SheDraws, check her shop out, it's super cute. I have promised to do a little diary of his new home with me, been a bit hard to get us doing anything but being surrounded by boxes, so you will see his travels within the next week or so, I promise!!

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

button swap

here are the lovely goodies I recieved in the lovely sam from incy wincy stiches button swap.

there's a cute little wrap around bracelet, a buttony pendant, little buttony clips & a lovely turquoise button ring, that I'm wearing today, it goes with my turquoise leopard print cardi nicely. there are also lots of lovely buttons & beads, that are too nice to use! there was also a nice bar of milk choc included, that went in rather a short time, with teas!

here's the stuff I sent, buttons made by myself, which will be available in the shop within the next few days after many requests! a variety of papers, stickers & vintage lace. & a buttony bib necklace made from fabric I brought back from Japan & also lots of lovely old & new buttons. I may start making more of these, I have made a few in the past but may start again, what do you think? I like how chunky & fabricy it is.

after a long wait...

You may remember I talked about a little cabinet I bought a while ago & didn't know what to do with it really, I was unsure wether to paint it matt white, turquoise, red, pink, black? The red drawer was suggested by a lovlely lady, I like the red, I'm just not sure on the finish, maybe it would look better matt white, hmmm.

I do love the spotty handles though! The inside of the lega still isn't painted as I've been unsure about it for a while. Please excuse the slightly grubby carpet, we're in the process of moving!

Thursday, 1 October 2009

birdy plates flying everywhere!

you can now buy our birds plates at two more exciting places!

firstly from hunkydory home, there's loads of exciting home stuff there, I like the clocks!

anorak magazine's little shop. i opened the latest issue this morning & spent rather a long tome reading it! get your copy of the insect issue here. there's some exciting news regarding the next issue too!