Monday, 21 September 2009

i love jewellery, i always have, i thought it was about time i showed you part of my own, vast collection of overflowing from everywhere jewellery items.

this is the first of many posts i think, this is only a small section of MOST of my favourites. doing this has made me realize how little handmade jewellery i own, & i feel a bit bad for that really. i often make things for myself & then feel bad for keeping them & they often just end up for sale.

i have a few handmade bits & some pretty old bits that i like a lot, just don't ever really wear, i may do a little something on thise soon.

ok, so:

1. My Ana Lou of London corgi necklace. i bought this in topshop in london this summer when it was stupidly hot! i like this a lot, although have to wear it with the right thing.

2. haematite ring that i've had for years & vivienne westwood studs. the boy got these for my 25th bday, along with the notorious pickleskitten.

3. these rings were bought in tokyo last december, they came flat packed & you could build them yourself. there were a few choices of colour, style size etc, but these were the only ones that didn't come in a small. (whether it's because i have fat fingers or the japanese are just so slight, probably the first!) i like the colour anyway, i would have chosen the black/white combo anyway. they are pretty chunky to wear & make your fingers stick out like you're trying to do some kind of star trek hand gesture.

4. tiffany necklace, xmas last year, i like it lots, despite nearly the whole world having one. it;s a bit scratched & that makes me sad.

5. vivienne westwood studs, the boy bought me these for my bday last year, we went to cambridge that weekend & it was sooo warm.

6. now this little beauty i got in devon a couple of weeks ago, the colours are really nice, although it doesnt photograph quite so well. i can wear it on my 3rd finger, as they are quite chubby, but big rings on that finger tend to pinch slightly. but for this lovely resin lovely i don't mind.

7. vivienne westwood necklace, for my birthday this year from my mum! i like it as it's a little bit longer than 18", shorter necklaces like that sometimes make me feel like a granny, i don't know why.

8. this bracelet i love, i wear it loads, although it turns me green slightly. (all my favourite jewellery seems to do something to me) my mum had it in her jewellery box for ages & never wore it, i think her aunt bought it back from india many many years ago. it's different & old, i like it.

9. ok so more vivienne westwood, this time a necklace, it's super long & goes right down to my waistband, i have a bracelet that matches it too, the bracelet the boy gave to me in japan & this necklace was just, because!

10. these earrings are from malta, they're traditional filagree silver. i don't wear these enough, i get spoilt for choice as to what to wear & often end up wearing the same thing.

11. lots of bangles at once, a pain to get off, but i like the jingle. i work at a bar as the other half of my job & we serve food, so i never really wear any jewellery there, however when i'm not there i like to wear lots. these metal babies are from primark! the creamy one i think must be from somewhere like matalan.

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