Monday, 20 July 2009

things that make me happy...

...finding things, pretty things, things to paint, things to make even prettier, things to keep my things (clutter in), things to drink tea in, inexpensive exciting finds that cost £7, yes SEVEN for the little cabinety thing & £1 for the little cups, below.

so yes, between the rain showers (showers?! actually showers!) we went on up to the place where all the ugly & pretty things are rescued & sold to people to take home & love. otherwise known as the tip, the place families go to dump the junk they have lovingly sorted all weekend, a popular british activity. we drove past first since finding something quite so pretty amongst all the scary broken kid's toys & hundreds of tellys. i spotted my little beaut, practically jumped out of the car & asked how much it was. obviously all the decorate don't move, or something like that kind of programs have made finding little gems here there & everywhere rather popular & more expensive. especially when a girl hurling herself out of the car with jeanlike leggins (i shall tell you about those wonderous belly/cake/buster/skinny jean effect marvels some other time) bag/arms flailing & flipflops, deffinately not the best attire for a torrential rain dump (sorry recycling centre) fest shows an interest in something super pretty. but anyway, i guarded my £7 treasure until i could bundle it into the back of the car (i snaffled myself a pretty set of mugs too, yay)

the plan for the little cabinet is to be sanded & made a lot lighter & then some kind of white wash over it. a bit of crackle glaze perhaps??! maybe turquoise. a little bit like.... thissss....

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